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Focus Group Frequently Asked Questions

What is a focus group?

This is a focus group that takes place on the web rather than in person. On-line groups or interviews are often done using a software such as WebEx or Zoom where you and our client are seeing and speaking to each other via your computer's webcam. Some online groups can be conducted in a chat room or people commenting on a regular basis on a bulletin board.

What is a teleconference?

A teleconference is a focus group that takes place by phone rather than in person. A teleconference can be either a one-on-one conversation or in a group conference call.

What is an online focus group?

This is a focus group that takes places on the web rather than in person. On-line groups can either be in a chat room or people commenting on a regular basis on a bulletin board.

What is the difference between a focus group and a survey?

A focus group is a market research tool that gets a small sampling of opinion from a select group of people who have special knowledge about a topic. A survey is a tool that measures opinions from a wide range of people who have no particular expertise in that field. Blarry House Research does not conduct surveys although we use a survey-like tool to help us determine if you are eligible for a particular study.

How much does it pay and how long does it take?

The amount that you will be paid will vary from project to project. Participants are generally paid between $40 and $150 for their time. We call this the "honorarium."  A typical focus group lasts no longer than two hours, and some may be shorter depending on the project and the number of people participating. You will be told in advance what to expect in terms of time, commitment and compensation when you are invited to join the session.

Who can participate in our market research studies?

Only those currently residing in the U.S. can be recruited into our studies.

When is this research done?

Focus Groups are typically held on weekday evenings. However, we also conduct some during the day and on weekends, depending on our client's needs and your availability. Sometimes teleconferences are set at fixed times, and other times it is possible ot arrange them at your convenience.

Where is the research conducted?

We recruit for focus groups all over the United States, although since our company is based out of San Francisco, about half of our groups occur in California. 

Who will we be talking to?

Your group will be led by a moderator who will ask you a variety of questions to better understand your opinions on the stated topic.  You will never be asked personal questions, and discussion will be limited to the topic stated in your invitation.

How do I know if I'm qualified?

When contacted in regards to an upcoming focus group, you are asked questions prior to being invited that determine whether you are the appropriate person for inclusion in a particular research session.

Will someone be trying to sell me something?

Never.  Market Research is strictly about understanding opinions, and you will never be solicited either before, during, or after your focus group by any legitimate Market Research company.

What about my privacy?

Privacy is extremely important to us at Blarry House Research.  Note that the information in our database is NEVER sold for any purpose and will remain confidential.  When you are recruited to participate in a research study, responses are always recorded in aggregate to insure your privacy and anonymity.