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Our client base is highly diversified and represents a wide variety of industry segments. We serve businesses both large and small ranging from Fortune 500 companies and major advertising agencies to market research firms, focus group facilities and independent moderators.

How we do it

•   We maintain a large database of potential focus group respondents nationwide.

•   Our technology provides us with the capacity to deliver polished reports such as recruiting summaries quickly.

•   We have developed productive relationships with focus group facilities and other suppliers throughout the country so that our clients' interests are always well represented in facility selection.

Special expertise

•   Consumer: We excel at packaged goods research. Because we own and maintain one of the largest consumer databases in the industry we can effectively target the kind of consumers you are looking for.

•   Business-to-Business: Using client provided lists, our recruiters can connect with the appropriate decision maker in a company, including senior executives. Our recruiters are trained to communicate with executives in a professional and sensitive manner.

•   Medical: We organize in-person focus groups as well as nationwide online groups or IDIs involving people with a variety of medical conditions. With client provided lists, we can also recruit medical specialists in every medical field. We are experienced with working with medical office staff to connect with hard-to-get medical professionals for studies.

•   Technology: Blarry House is a fast-thinking company in a fast-moving technology market. We regularly recruit high-quality technology respondents ranging from technology consumers sourced from our own database, to technology executives sourced with client provided lists. We have the skills to handle your high-tech project.

•   Mock Juries: Our database represents a wide variety of people all over the United States. We can help fill your mock jury needs.

We don't just read screeners. Our recruiters are intelligent and trained to grasp the essentials of each job, acting as an extension of the client in the field. Centralized supervision ensures that recruiting standards are consistent across all geographic locations.

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